Twenty Mile House

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Twenty Mile House was a stage stop north of Spanish Springs on the Reno and Ft. Bidwell stage line. Today, Junction House is roughly where Winnemucca Ranch Road meets Highway 445. Twenty Mile House is shown as being down Winnemucca Ranch Road about 1/3 of a mile.

Rolland Bonham (d. 1952) operated stage stops in the area: Twenty Mile House, Sheep's Head Station, Round Hole Station. [1]

In 1912, Tilton and McPhail paid $20 for a liquor license at "20-Mile House"[2]

In 1954, Basil Woon described Twenty Mile House. He states that it was a legend within 10 years of its founding in about 1860 and that it vanished around the time of World War I. Woon states that the whiskey sold there was made in nearby Warm Springs. Woon also states that at one time there was a restaurant and inn that was run as a bordello. One of the workers was known Whiskey Annie, who was said to have kept a six-shooter in her garter and to have killed four of her husbands[3]


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