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June 16 & 17, 2007


LEADER: Don Buck

With the New Year before us, it's time to plan ahead before our calendars get too cluttered. Last June we managed to survey the area east of Black Rock Springs. This coming June 16-17 (Sat. - Sun.) the plan is to complete the cultural survey west of the springs. Let's be optimistic and look forward to fair weather in 2007, after having been subjected to a downpour in 2005 and a heat wave in 2006.

The schedule and activities will be similar to last year. I think we all know the archaeological routines we learned. Again, archaeologist Dave Valentine of the BLM Winnemucca Field Office will lead the cultural survey.

We plan on rendezvousing Friday afternoon (June 15) at 3:00 P.M. in Gerlach (outside Bruno's restaurant in the parking area) and then caravanning across the playa to Black Rock Springs where we'll camp in the vicinity as we did last year. You'll need a 4WD vehicle to cross the playa and drive through the sand dune area. If the playa is still damp, we'll have to reach Black Rock byway of either Double Hot Springs or Wheeler Reservoir crossing.

Plan on two nights of dry camping which means providing your own food and water. We'll camp Friday evening at Black Rock, survey all day Saturday, have a potluck dinner Saturday evening, and finish the surveying by mid-day Sunday.

For the potluck Saturday evening, Dave Valentine will provide his renowned Dutch-oven meatloaf. The rest of us can bring enough of any of the following items for 6-8 people: salads of all types, hot or cold veggies, munchies, deserts, etc.

Completing the survey of the Black Rock area will be a very worthy project and one where we can enjoy the campout, camaraderie, and spectacular scenery.

Please let Don Buck know as soon as possible if you think you'll be able to attend this Black Rock survey. As we get closer to June, Don will be sending out additional announcements and updates to keep you informed.