Paiute Meadows

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Paiute Meadows is a ranch located on the northeast arm of the Black Rock Desert.

In the 1870s E. W. Crutcher owned Paiute or Piute Meadows.<ref name=silverstate1879>"Struggle with a Lunatic," Silver State, Winnemucca, June 16, 1879, p. 6.</ref>

In 1879, a Chinese man was killed in a case of justifiable homicide at Paiute Meadows.<ref name=silverstate1879/>

Miller and Lux owned Paiute Meadows in 1911.<ref name=Mack>"The Indian Massacre of 1911", Mack, Effie Mona, p. 42, 1968.</ref><ref name=Perry>Frank Vernon Perry, "The Last Indian Uprising In The United States," Winter, 1972, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly.</ref>