Old Razorback Mountain

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Old Razorback Mountain (5495 ft.) is located south of Trego and Frog (Garrett Ranch) Springs.

The GNIS cites the name as "Original township survey plats, published in the 1800's. 1950". The mountain is in Township 33 North, Range 25 East. Unfortunately, the Plats of Nevada State Lands does not include that Township. Jones (1980) includes nearby townships, but not that township.

The mountain is also known as "Mount Trego", "Trego Mountain", and "Trego Peak" and as "Sleeping Elephant". Trego Peak and Sleeping Elephant are not commonly used.

The 1881 Gibbs map of California and Nevada and the 1893 Rand McNally map indicate that "Boiling Butte" might be another name for the mountain. In 1903, Griffiths described the flora found on Boiling Butte.

Wallace R. Hansen, "Northeast toward Black Rock desert from sec. 11, T. 32 N., R. 24 E. Pershing County, Nevada. 1969." USGS.
Christopher Brooks, view of Old Razorback Mountain from Inspiration Point, January, 2013.
Old Razorback Mountain from Pahsupp.

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