Mormon Dan Peak

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Mormon Dan Peak is a peak that is quite close to the Soldier Meadows road near where it meets the playa road, just north of the Humboldt/Pershing Line.

Mormon Dan Spring is to the east and Mormon Dan Canyon is to the south east.

Not to be confused with Mormon Dan Butte, located near Winnemucca.<ref>Mormon Dan Butte GNIS</ref>.

In Humboldt County 1905, Dan LeBaron is described as living at Big Creek near the north end Jackson Mountains on the east side.<ref>"Humboldt County 1905,", Allen C. Bragg, 1905.</ref>

In 1909, Daniel Moroni LeBaron murdered Thomas New in Winnemucca. LeBaron was known as "Mormon Dan"<ref>Thomas New,</ref><ref>"Shoots Man for Wrecking Home," Bakersfield Californian, 1909-05-26</ref> LeBaron was sentenced to life imprisonment and parolled in 1913 or 1914.<ref>"Appendix to Journals of Senate and Assembly, Volume 1," Nevada (Terr.). Legislative Assembly, 1915.</ref>

The phrase "Mormon Dan" is possibly connected to the Mormon Danites. Wikipedia states: "The Danites were a fraternal organization founded by Latter Day Saint members in June 1838, in the town of Far West in Caldwell County, Missouri. During their period of organization in Missouri, the Danites operated as a vigilante group and took a central role in the events of the 1838 Mormon War. Whether or not the Danites existed after the 1847 arrival of the LDS Church in Utah is still debated."<ref>Danites," Wikipedia, retrieved 2015-10-23.</ref>

The peak was called Gambler in a 1960 Humboldt County map<ref>"Humboldt County," Nevada Department of Transportation, 1960.</ref> and in a 1971 Nevada DOT Map.<ref>Quad0311," Nevada DOT, 1971.</ref>

The term "Mormon Dan Peak" first appears in the 1980 Mormon Dan Peak 1:24,000 Map.<ref>"Publications of the Geological Survey," , p. 29, 1980.</ref>

In 1983 a helicopter survey identified a number of claims in the southern Calico Hills. Claims were staked knowing that the area was within the a designated wilderness study area. The claims were designated the Dan Claims, possibly because of Mormon Dan Peak, Mormon Dan Springs and Mormon Dan Canyon, located to the northeast of the claims.<ref>Michael C. Sahli, "Preliminary Geological Discussion of the Dan Mining Claims Area, Southern Calico Hills, Pershing County, Nevada," UNR, ca. 1987.</ref>