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Kepler is former railroad station and siding between Flanigan and Sand Pass.

Kepler is listed in the WPRR Western Division Time Table, January 16, 1910 as being 391.5 miles from San Francisco (For comparison, Sand Pass is listed as being 393.7 miles)<ref>Roy D. Graves Pictorial Collection Volume 94: Western Pacific Railroad -- Stations and Scenes -- Sacramento Northern, Reproduction of page 4, Time table 1. Western Pacific Railway Company.</ref>

Davis states that Kepler was a station two miles west of Sand Pass<ref>Sam Post Davis, "The History of Nevada - Volume 2," p. 1031.</ref>.

WPRR 1910 Timetable showing "Keppler"
c. 1914 map of the W.P.R.R. showing Kepler.