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Jigger Bob was a Paiute Indian who worked for the Pyramid Lake Police. His father was from Pyramid Lake and his mother was from the area that later became Gerlach.<ref name="ParkAndFowler">Willard Zerbe Park, Catherine S. Fowler, Willard Z. Park's ethnographic notes on the Northern Paiute of western Nevada, 1933-1940 , Volume 1 p. xxiii. Parents and age in 1933. $17.00</ref>

In 1918, Jigger Bob was in the Indian Service Police and paid $20 per month.<ref name="civil1918">United States Civil Service Commission, "Official Register of the United States 1915 Directory," 1918.</ref>

Park uses Jigger Bob as a source in his ethnographic notes on the Northern Paiute.<ref name="ParkAndFowler"/>

Mergen<ref name="mergen">Bernard Mergen, "At Pyramid Lake," p. 257-260, 2014</ref> repeats two stories told by Jigger Bob to Frank McCulloch and recounted in Nevada Magazine in 1947<ref>Frank McCulloch, "How the Great Spearhead Came to Pyramid Lake", Nevada Magazine, August, 1947</ref>. Mergen also includes a portrait of Jigger Bob by Robert Caples.

Birth Year

His birth year has been reported as 1822 and as 1857, below is a discussion of his birth year.

Jigger Bob vs. Jigger Bobb

There is some question as to whether his last name was Bob or Bobb. Most sources use Bob <ref name="Census1900"/> <ref name="NSJ-18Jul1909"/> <ref name="Census1910"/> <ref name="civil1918"/> <ref name="IndianCensus1918"/> <ref name="Census1920"/> <ref name="RGJ-10Oct1935"/> <ref name="ParkAndFowler"/> <ref name="NOSFremont"/> <ref name="NOSDaveNumana">Nevada Outdoor School, "Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Profiles: Pioneers, Captain Dave," "Captain Dave had six men stationed about that area, Jigger Bob was among these men, although they had no arresting authority."</ref> <ref name="Sutcliffe1957"/> <ref name="WA490"/> <ref name="UNRS-P2170-124"/> <ref name="mergen"/>, though some use Bobb. <ref name="gnis"/> <ref name="gnis1979"/> <ref name="Hermann1972">Ruth Hermann, "The Paiutes of Pyramid Lake: A Narrative Concerning a Western Nevada Indian Tribe," 1972. Uses Jigger Bobb.</ref>

Was Jigger his last name or first name?

The Reno 1920-21 directory lists his name as "Jigger, Robt".<ref name="renoDirectory1920-21">Reno, Washoe Cty, Nevada 1920-21 City Directory Page 232 lists "Jigger, Robt, patrol".</ref>

Why Jigger?

Websites associated with buckaroos report that a Jigger Boss was the second in command.<ref>"Cowboys and Buckaroos - People Terms The People and the Land," retrieved 2017-02-05.</ref>. Jigger Bob was at one time perhaps Dave Numaga's right hand man, but this could just be a coincidence.<ref name="NOSDaveNumana"/>

Jigger Bobb Canyon

Jigger Bobb Canyon was named for Jigger Bob.<ref name="gnis">Jigger Bobb Canyon, GNIS</ref> In 1979, the name was determined to be Jigger Bobb Canyon, not Jigger Bob Canyon.<ref name="gnis1979">Decisions on geographic names in the United States," no.7901-8204, 1979-82. "Jigger Bobb Canyon: canyon, 10.5 km (6.8 mi.) long, heads at 39 59'00" N, 119 42'55" W, trends N to open out W of Pyramid Lake; named for a Paiute Indian reported to have been born near Pyramid Lake in 1822; Washoe Co.; Nev.; sec. 1, T 25 N, R 20 E, Mount Diablo Mer.; 40 03'37" N, 119 41'30" W. Not: Jigger Bob Canyon"</ref>

The Sutcliffe 1957 map is the earliest map that shows Jigger Bob Canyon. <ref name="Sutcliffe1957">Sutcliffe (1957, Rp. 1964) Map.</ref>


There are at a few photos and drawings that mention Jigger Bob.<ref name="WA490">Nevada Historical Society Photography Collection, WA490 Photo, "Butchered Hog Mr Gerlach at right Paiute Jigger Bob from PL Indian Police c 1910"</ref> <ref name="UNRS-P2170-124">University of Nevada, Reno. UNRS-P2710-124," "Lorenzo D. Creel with four men. Man to Creel's right is same man as in photo #29, 30, 31 and 34. Pyramid Lake. Nevada, 1918. [Identification supplied by Paiute elder: Jigger Bob, far right, from Big Canyon; "used to holler around" to show he was coming; Joe Mandel, far left] (See also #5112 and #5308)"</ref> <ref name="Lindsay">Russ Lindsay, "Robert Cole Capes: Rooted in Nevada," Jigger Bob image (ca 1930).</ref> <ref name="mergen"/> <ref name="NSJ-18Jul1909">Nevada State Journal, "Educating the Indian on Pyramid Lake Reservation," Reno, Nevada, p. 10, July 18, 1909. </ref> <ref name="Steuben-18Aug1909"> Steuben Republican, "Life Among the Indians," Angola, Indiana, p. 2, August 18, 1909. Better quality photo.</ref>