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The Iron King Mine is a former iron mine located in the located in the Jackson Mountains Mining District<ref name="willden1963">Ronald Willden, "General Geology of the Jackson Mountains Humboldt County, Nevada," Geological Survey Bulletin 1141-D, U.S. Dept. of the Interior, 1963</ref> at 41° 18' 36" north 118° 25' 23" west<ref>mapcarta</ref>

The deposit has been known since at least 1886: "At Humboldt station Mr. C. S. Wright the proprietor of the Humboldt House gave me a large specimen of a magnetic ore which he told me was found in the Jackson mountains about 40 miles northwest of Humboldt where a vein of ore 15 feet wide can be traced for several thousand feet. Chippings from the specimen contained:

  • Metallic Iron 66.75
  • Phosphorus 0.820
  • Phosphorus in 100 parts iron 0.470

"The ore is a massive magnetite free from pyrite but containing numerous long whitish crystals of apatite<ref>Raphael Pumpelly, "Report on the mining industries of the United States (exclusive of the precious metals)," p. 493, U.S. Department of the Interior, Census Office, 1886.</ref>"

The mine was held by the DeLong Brothers and leased by W. G. Austin and Tom Beko<ref>Mineral and water resources of Nevada," Nevada Bureau of Mines, 1964.</ref>, who started mining in 1952. By the end of 1960, 664,403 tons of iron ore were mined <ref>"H.F. Bonham, Jr., L.J. Garside, R.B. Jones, K.G. Papke, J.Quade, and J.V. Tingle, "OF1985-03: A mineral inventory of the Paradise-Denio -- and Sonoma-Gerlach Resource Areas, Winnemucca District, Nevada," Jackson Mountains District, p. 72, 1985.</ref>.

The ore was transported to Jungo<ref name="willden1963"/>.

In 1959, the mine was operated by a partnership between Austin and George DeLaMare. The mine was reported to have closed in 1967.<ref>Jackson Mt. Mine Will Close," January 7, 1967.</ref>



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