Humphrey & Moffat Cattle Company

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Humphrey & Moffat Cattle Company operated in eastern California and western Nevada.<ref name=Mack>"The Indian Massacre of 1911", Mack, Effie Mona, p. 15, 1968.</ref>

Herberty Humphrey was involved with the company.<ref>"The Humphrey Family of Northern California and Northern Nevada," Virginia Lutes, Volume XXXIV, Number 2, Summer 2006</ref>

Henry Moffat (d. 1913) and his son William were involved with the company, which was based in Reno.<ref>"The history of Nevada," Davis, Sam Post, page 1235, volume 2, 1911.</ref>

Harry Cambron, who was killed at Little High Rock Canyon was an overseer for Humphrey and Moffatt who operated out of Home Camp Outfit.<ref name=Mack/><ref>Frank Vernon Perry, "The Last Indian Uprising In The United States," Winter, 1972, Nevada Historical Society Quarterly.</ref>

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