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Helen Thrasher (b. 1898 - d. 2001) was the Postmaster of Gerlach for 37 years.[1] Helen Thrasher was married to John James Thrasher.

Helen started working in the Gerlach post office on March 29, 1929 when she and a partner (Claude Heard) bought Dalton's store. Helen became acting postmaster in 1931, though some sources say 1932. Helen and her husband bought out Heard[2]

In 1941, John and Helen found the Stormy Day Mine, located near Limbo.

Overton (1947) states that Helen Thrasher has many inquiries about Gerlach "Great Boiling" Springs[3].

A 1953 Nevada State Journal newspaper article says that Helen was postmistress at that time. The Gerlach Post Office was at 390 Main St., which is currently the Burning Man office. Helen Thrasher lived in the building behind 390 Main St. [4]

A photo of Helen Thrasher appears in "Nevada, The Silver State," vol. 2, p. 851, Western States Historical Publishers, 1970.


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