Gerlach Constable

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  • "Statutes of the State of Nevada," February 1, 1911. $900/year for the Gerlach Justice of the Peace and the Constable. Also, fees associated with civil cases.
  • "On receipt of word from the Gerlach constable that if a jail was not soon built he would arrive in Reno some day with at least 21 hoboes, and that he was forced to handcuff the tramps and tie them to trees, no other shelter being provided, the county commissioners decided to erect a new jail there" "History of Washoe County," Reno Evening Gazette, July 31, 1911. Steel cells for the new Gerlach jail arrived July 31, 1911.
  • San Francisco Chronicle, "Unique Jail of New Railroad Town to go," Aug. 6, 1911 p. 46. A description of Gerlach's first jail, which was a chains attached to a telephone pole.