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Current Seismicity


1910 & 1914

  • Craig M. dePolo and Terri M. Garside, "The November 21, 1910 Tonopah Junction Earthquake, and the February 18, 1914 and April 24, 1914 Reno Earthquakes in Nevada"
    • The February 18, 1914 earthquake: "The shock was also quite severe at the communities of Gerlach, Lovelock, and Seven Troughs."
    • The April 24, 1914 earthquake: "The shock was quite severe at Gerlach, Lovelock, and Seven Troughs (HS 4/24/14)." April 14, 1924 quake had "Estimated intensities: Sand Pass and Gerlach, central Washoe Co., V;"
    • The April 24, 2014 Humboldt Star wrote: "Reports from Gerlach state that the shock was very severe at that place. The clock in the Western Pacific depot was stopped. The big safe in the depot was also moved several inches."