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     May 10-14 (Thur-Mon) 5 days
     Black Rock High Points Backpack (M/S)
     Black Rock Desert, Nevada
     We'll day hike Donnelly Peak, the high point of the Calico Range on the west side of the Black Rock Desert on Friday. Saturday we'll backpack into the Black Rock Range on the east side of the desert, and will day hike Pahute Peak (also known as Big Mountain), the high point of the range, on Sunday. Monday we'll pack out and return. The ascent of Donnelly Peak is the strenuous part of this trip. The backpack and climb of Pahute Peak is moderate. Limit 15.
     Contact Leader: John Wilkinson (408) 947-0858
     May 26-28 (Sat-Mon)
     Seven Troughs Range Carcamp (M)
     Western Nevada
     Three hikes in primitive BLM desert/mountain country northwest of Lovelock. We'll visit old mines, desert springs, and mountaintops. Wide views, warm weather and possible flower blooms if rains have been good. We'll hike in the nearby Trinity Range as well. NOTE: This is a wildlife viewing and monitoring trip. Participants must stay behind the leader while hiking. If you cannot do this, please choose another trip. Limit 15.
     Contact Leader: Steve Tabor (510) 769-1706