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The Bright Holland Corporation owns land in the Black Rock Desert area.

In 1952, Lawrence Holland sold the 1,000,000 acre Gerlach ranch for $3,000,000 to Victor Nemeroff and Arnold Maremont of Chicago and David E. Bright of Los Angeles. Holland had bought the ranch from the successors of Gerlach Land and Livestock Company, which would be the Gerlach and Waltz Ranch<ref>New York Times, "Million-Acre Sale is Fixed in Nevada," New York Times, p. 33, Oct 24, 1952.</ref>

At some point, the Jaksick family became owners of the Bright Holland Corporation.

In 1999, the Jaksick family purchased 44,000 acres from the estate of John Casey. In 2004, the Jaksick family owned land in Wall Canyon, the Buffalo Hills and the Granite Range. The Jaksick family was considering selling 18,600 acres to the government and 2,000 acres for a proposed coal plant<ref name="Voyles">Susan Voyles, "Gerlach at an environmental crossroads," Reno Gazette Journal, 22-Aug-2004</ref>.

In 2001, the BLM was interested in purchasing Fly Ranch from Todd Jaksick<ref>Jeff DeLong, "Wonder Caused by Humans, Enhanced by Nature," Reno Gazette Journal, November 19, 2001</ref>.

In 2014, Todd Jaksick is the president of Bright Holland Corporation. The Jaksick family developed neighborhoods in the Truckee Meadows Area<ref name="Voyles"/>.