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Antelope is a siding between Floka and Jungo. On April 29, 1912, the boiler of WPRR Engine 49 exploded and claimed three lives. It was determined that the quality of the water at Trego was the cause.[1][2][3]

The 1914-1915 WPRR Descriptive Time Table for west-bound traffic states: "Antelope, elevation 4,507 feet, is at the top of the easy pass. During the descent the Sawtooth Mountains appear on the left; on the right, in a slope of a hill, is the tunnel of the Cannonball mine. Beyond mile-post 477 and at the left of the track stands the monolith outcrop of the Irish sphinx, presenting the perfect profile of an Irish gentleman in stock and cravat. A brilliant patch of mineral paint is disclosed, against the hills to the right, adjacent to prospect holes and dumps. Copper, silver and gold are being mined."[4] The Irish sphinx is probably Pulpit Rock.

WPRR 1910 Timetable showing Antelope

In 1942, another railroad accident killed on person. [5]


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