Willow Point Station

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Not to be confused with Willow Creek Station

Willow Point is a former station located in Paradise Valley.

A 1967 source states that the Railroad Stage Line left Winnemucca, traveled to Willow Point Station in Paradise Valley, then over Paradise Hill Pass to the Quinn River Valley and then to Rattlesnake Creek in the Owyhee basin.[1]

Toll House is located to the south of Willow Point Station on the road to Winnemucca.

In 1911 Bob Robinson was the station keeper.[2]

Willow Point is located at 41.2557338 -117.6098494.[3]

Willow Point appears in the Paradise, NV 1:250,000 1889 (1889 ed.) map.

Stewarts Ranch is to the east at Ranch,_Nevada&params=41_14_53_N_117_32_33_W_region:US-NV_source:GNIS_type:city 41°14'53.0"N 117°32'33.0"W and appears in the Bliss 1:62,500 1959 (1960 ed.) map


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