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Sessions Wheeler describes Varyville as being on the Eastern side of the Black Rock Range, north of Hardin City. In 1886, Ladue Vary[1] discovered gold and silver in a canyon about 30 miles west of Quinn River Crossing. It was reported that would not take less than $100,000. Vary never sold though he did lease the land to others who successfully recovered ore. Vary lived on the property raising hay until 1906, when he was taken to Winnemucca due to his age. He died a year later at the age of 96.

Bancroft (1890) lists Varyville as one of the towns and settlements in Humboldt County.[2]

Lincoln (1923) states the district was discovered by Vary in the early 1870's and organized as the Columbia district in 1875.[3]</ref>[4]

Alma Schulmerich describes "Varryville" as being successful from 1870 to 1880 with 150 families being present an a state running between Winnemucca and Varryville. Schulmerich continues that the town disappeared, leaving only "three or four stone houses and an old arrastra."


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