Shaffer Station

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Shaffer Station, located at Mapes, California, about 3 miles east of present day Litchfield, CA was a location on the Nobles Trail and the Honey Lake Road.

George W. Lathrop and Thomas J. Harvey claimed land in June of 1859. The area became known as Lathrops.[1]

Mud Springs Station in present-day Lassen County is about 13 miles from Shaffer Station in the Honey Lake Valley.[2] The station burned in April, 1862.

Mud Flat is 9 miles east of Shaffer Station in the Honey Lake Valley.[3]


  • Asa Merrill Fairfield, "Fairfield's Pioneer History of Lassen County, California," p. 150: "In June George Lathrop and Thos J Harvey located two sections of land running east and west on the lower end of Susan river but they may have been on the land before this. They built their cabin on the slough farthest to the north and at the place where the emigrant road from the Humboldt river first came near it. At first known as the Lathrop place and afterwards as the Shaffer place ,it was for ten or twelve years a noted station on this road. Since then it has been owned by French and Litch Kelley and Winchel and now 1915 it is known as the Mapes place."
  • William Newell Davis, "Sagebrush Corner: The Opening of California's Northeast, Volume 5." The place know as Shaffer's, three miles east of present Litchfield, began to develop in 1859 when George W. Lathrop and Thomas J. Harvey..."
  • Nobles Trail," Emigrant Trails West. Marker N-23 is at Shaffer Station (Site).
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