Salt Marsh

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Salt Marsh is a former settlement located on the west side of the Smoke Creek Desert, near the Parker Reservoirs.

Salt Marsh and the Buffalo Salt Works are very close to each other and might actually be the same place.

Thompson and West (1881) state, "Passing to the south, across a number of small barren valleys, Buffalo Canon is reached, a narrow tract eighteen miles long. Buffalo Station in this place is on the stage road. A few cattle are kept here and some hay cut."

"South of this is Murphy's Salt Marsh, where B. F. Murphy has been preparing salt for the market for the past ten years. His salt works are located at Reno."[1]

Hummel, 1888 states, "Passing south we to the Salt Marsh, where Adams takes out about 200 tons of salt annually. for which he finds a market in Sierra Valley. He obtains his salt by evaporation."[2]


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