Gerlach-Empire Lions Club

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The Gerlach-Empire Lions Club provided ambulance service to the area at one time.[1]

Timeline of the Gerlach-Empire Lions Club

  • 1953: Lions Club requests that Empire be added to the state map because it is the third largest town in Washoe County.[2]
  • 1954: Lions Club celebrated its first anniversary on March 22, 1954. Ellsworth Buffaloe was president. The meeting was held at the Stanley theater-restaurant (probably the Stanley Cafe).[3]
  • 1956: John James Thrasher was a member. [4]
  • 1957: Lions Club receives permission to have a fire engine, as long as the county is not liable for the actions of the fire fighters.[5][6]
  • 1950's - 1960's:
  • 1962: Joe Luchessi a member, Ernest M. Johnson, past president.[7]
  • 1964: Nevada Historical Society Photo: WA-915, " Great Boiling Springs Park, Springs Discovered and named by John C. Fremont 1844. Park being developed by Gerlach-Empire Lions Club," 1964, Nevada Historical Society. Picture of the sign for the springs. Note that the plural, "Springs," is used, not the singular that is on the map.
  • 1967: Lions Club Map
  • 1969: Nevada Regents Minutes: $100 awarded to Garrett Paschall. Garrett is the son of Ray Paschall, who owned the Frog (Garrett Ranch) Springs after the Garretts.
  • 1971:
    • Lions Ambulance Service Terminated [8]
    • Ambulance sold.[9]


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