Fred Hines

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Fred Hines was in the Black Rock Desert area in the 1850's and 1860's.

  • Fairfield writes: "To Fred Hines and William Dow the writer is indebted more than to any one else for information regarding the first eight or ten years' settlement of the county. Hines came here in 1856 and Dow in 1857. Both were determined men, in the prime of life, and both took a prominent part in almost every important event that occurred during those years. Both were reliable men of exceptionally good memories, and both did all they could to help in this work. If it had not been for their knowledge and their willingness to help, much of the most important matter in' this book could not have been written"[1]
  • Fairfield states that in 1856, Ladue Vary and Fred Hines discovered the springs that were later named Trego when they took a short cut from Granite Creek (now known as Granite Ranch) across the playa towards Rabbit Hole Spring. When they arrived at the Humboldt River, the met a wagon train on the Nobles Trail. Vary and Hines told the emigrants about the spring, and the emigrants took the shortcut and the Nobles trail was adjusted accordingly.


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