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Division Peak is located in or near the Donnelly Mining District in the Division Range.

Division Peak appears in the Long Valley, 1893 topo map[1], though that location is known today as Donnelly Peak.

In 1903, Division Peak was also known as Donnelly Mountain. Division Peak was supposed to be on the dividing line between Washoe County and Humboldt County, but in 1902 the surveyors determined that it was four miles east of the county line and thus in Humboldt County.[2].

Division Peak (410610N, 1191939W) is about 1000 feet east of the modern day Washoe/Humboldt border.

Donnelly Peak (410552N 1191544W) is about 3.6 mile east of the modern-day Washoe/Humboldt border.

There is some confusion about Division Peak vs. Donnelly Peak.

The June, 1975 geographic names decision list states: "Division Peak: peak, elevation, 2,590 m. (8,491 ft.), at N end of [[Calico Hills]] 50 km. (31 mi.) NNE of Gerlach; Humboldt Co., Nev.; 41°06'00" N, 119°15'30" W. Variant: Donnelly Peak."[3] This location is about 1/4 mile northeast of the what is known today as Donnelly Peak[4].

A 1982 letter from the U.S. Board of Geographic Names states: "Our research indicated that the name Donnelly Peak was changed by the Board on Geographic Names in 1975 to Division Peak. In Helen S. Carlson's book, Nevada Place Names (1974), the feature is named Division Peak for its location near the boundary of Washoe and Pershing Counties[5]. We were unable to determine the origin of the name Donnelly Peak."[6]

In 1989 Division Peak was renamed to Donnelly Peak and the new Division Peak was set to be closer to the county line: "Agenda Item 2.B.(3). Deferral of Divistion/Donnelly Peak"

"Proposal of the subcommittee (Del Gross; Vivant) to wit: ..."the name Division Peak be established on the highest of the Sheep Peaks near the Humboldt/Washoe County line... (and) the name Donnelly Peak...be established for the highest point in the Calico Hills/Mountains..." be approved was considered for the required second time. Motion to approve was passed Decision to be conveyed to the USBGN."[7]


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