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For many years, Clapper Creek was thought to be the location where Peter Lassen and Edward Clapper were murdered in 1859.[1][2]

Black Rock Canyon is mentioned in a 1893 article about the death of Peter Lassen as the site of the deaths and states that after the murders the area was known as Clapper Creek.[3]

Fairfield (p. 171) writes:

"At the Black Rock range they camped one evening beside a small stream ever since known as Clapper creek. The camp was in a nook of the canyon overlooked by high bluffs on three sides There was a little feed for the horses and the place was a very pleasant if in those times dangerous location for a camp."

Ferol Egan's chapter about the Lassen-Clapper murders is titled "An Occurrence at Black Rock Canyon".[4] Egan states that the modern name of Black Rock Canyon is Clapper Canyon.

The Oregon-California Trails Association places the Lassen-Clapper murder site at T38N R26E S7 NE1/4,[5] (41°12'38.11"N 119° 3'2.28"W). Note that the grave site is not on Clapper Creek[6], it is in a small canyon south of Clapper Creek.


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