Blue Wing Mountains

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The Blue Wing Mountains are located at the north end of the Granite Springs Valley.

Carlson states that the mountains are named because of blue rocks.[1] Carlson cites Origin of Place Names, though the reference for the blue rocks has not been found.[2]

Carr states that the mountains are blue-black in collor, which explains the blue part of them. Carr further states that a granite intrusion splits the mountains in to two wings.[3]

Chiastolite, which has distinctive cross-shaped graphite inclusions, is found in the area.[3]

To the west of the Blue Wing Mountains is an unnamed Playa. To the south is Blue Wing Flat, also known as Adobe Flat.

Black Mountain is at the peak of the Blue Wing Mountains.

On the Blue Wing Mountains is a rock with the name "C. Donnell" and the year 1946 carved in to it. This could be Charlie Donnell who hold the patent for a bucket conveyor.[4]


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