Bad Day At Black Rock (1955)

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There has been no evidence, so far, that any of the opening credits were shot in the Black Rock Desert Nevada region.

  • Wikipedia - Bad Day at Black Rock was filmed in Lone Pine, California and the nearby Alabama Hills, one of hundreds of movies that have been filmed in the area since 1920. The "town" of Black Rock, Arizona was built adjacent to the Lone Pine railroad station, which was the last stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad's "Jawbone Branch," which served the northern Mojave Desert and Owens Valley.

Liz Wirth: What do you care? What do you care about Black Rock?

John J. Macreedy: I don't care anything about Black Rock. Only it just seems to me that there aren't many towns like this in America. But... one town like it is enough. And because I think something kind of bad happened here, Miss Wirth, something I can't quite seem to find a handle to.

Liz Wirth: You don't know what you're talking about.

John J. Macreedy: Well, I know this much. The rule of law has left here, and the guerrillas have taken over.